Human Anatomy and Embriology


Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Public Health

Human Physiology

Biochemistry and Inmunology

Oral Anatomy


Psychology and Communication


English for Dentistry I


Pharmacology, anesthesia and reanimation

Legal and Forensic Dentistry

Pathological anatomy

Ergonomics, Dental Materials and Instrumentation

Optative I

Medical-Surgical Pathology I

Dental radiology and radioprotection

Preventive and Community Dentistry

Introduction to Dentistry, Management and Dental practice planning

Ethics and Bioethics

English for Dentistry II

Medical-Surgical Pathology II

Basic Oral Surgery

Dental Pathology and Therapy I

Prosthesis I

Orthodontics I

Medical-Surgical Pathology III

Advanced Oral Surgery and Implantology

Dental Pathology and Therapy II

Prosthesis II

Orthodontics II

Oral Medicine I

Dental Pathology and Therapy III

Orthodontics III

Prosthesis III


Oral Medicine II

Oral Manifestations of Systemic Diseases

Pediatric Dentistry

Dentistry for special patients

Occupational disease in dentistry

Adult Clinic I (Practicum I)

Pediatric Clinic I (Practicum III)


Emergencies in Dentistry

Dental Traumatology

Adult Clinic II (Practicum II)

Pediatric Clinic II (Practicum IV)

Adhesive Aesthetic Dentistry

Management and direction of dental radiology facilities

Final Project

Dentistry and dietetics

Dentistry and sports