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Postgraduate courses for a higher academic and professional specialisation

At the Universidad Católica de Murcia, some official Master's Degrees, UCAM Degrees and Bachelor's Degrees are still open for enrolment.

UCAM offers a wide range of official Master's degrees and first level UCAM degrees, aimed at

both recent graduates, allowing them to continue their education and improve their curriculum,

as well as at professionals who are interested in updating their knowledge and acquiring new


These degrees stand out for their flexibility available in classroom-based mode, blended

learning, and online mode
— as they allow students to combine studying with other activities,

such as taking care of their family or work. Additionally, there are many different learning areas,

such as business, communication, marketing, tourism, sport, education, health, law, nutrition, or


Postgraduate courses in English

UCAM is among the top universities in Spain that offer the widest ranges of courses in English,

such a fundamental factor in today's globalised world, in which companies demand

professionals that speak a second language fluently.

As with the Bachelor's Degrees, students have the latest facilities at their disposal for their

complete training, which are reinforced by the University's strong commitment to the use of the

most advanced digital tools, facilitating student accessibility
. Morover, the teaching staff is made

up of active professionals of renowned prestige, which allows the subjects to be developed in

an eminently practical manner.