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Miguel Motas: “It is a privilege to be a UCAM student and have these facilities”

The Regional Government’s Minister of Universities visited today the university dental clinic ‘UCAM Dental’ and the building of the Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine at Los Jerónimos Campus

Miguel Motas: “It is a privilege to be a UCAM student and have these facilities”
Miguel Motas, left of the image, observes the digital anatomical dissection table of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the UCAM.

“I have seen resources, the latest technology, an excellent organisation and the truth is that I am very satisfied that the Region can count on this type of university and resources”. This was the view of the Regional Minister for Employment, Research and Universities of the Autonomous Region of Murcia, Miguel Motas, after his visit this morning to the facilities of the dental clinic ‘UCAM Dental’ and then to Los Jerónimos Campus to see the Faculty of Health Sciences, specifically the building in which the Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine is taught. The visit concluded with a meeting with the president of UCAM, José Luis Mendoza; the chancellor, Josefina García; and other directors of the educational institution.

Regarding this degree and the marks obtained for the Resident Medical Intern exams (MIR) by the first class from UCAM, with more than 96% of passing students, he commented that “it is the result of a good organisation, an excellent planning, the use of public resources such as hospitals, the teaching staff, and the curriculum adapted to the reality of the 21st century, the latest technologies and a training from the first year that prepares the student to achieve an objective, which is the MIR. This finally bears fruit, so it is fair to congratulate UCAM”.

One of the aspects that UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia is working on the most is clinical simulation, with many state-of-the-art simulators that boost the practice of future doctors and nurses, such as the anatomage virtual dissection table, the clinical reasoning tool or the high-end labour simulator. Motas believes that this will “bring teaching closer to society; I think this is basic, as it is the curriculum with the medical and surgical disciplines that go hand in hand, and in the end, the approach that the student receives is comprehensive, it is a positive bet, and this bears fruit, which is the result obtained in exams such as the MIR”.

The Minister, who was accompanied by the general directors of Universities and Research, Josefina García e Isabel Fortea, was “very pleasantly surprised” by his visit to the Faculty of Health Sciences: “I think it has a level of organisation and material worthy of praise. It is a privilege to be a UCAM student and have these facilities, and it is promising, because I am aware of the project carried out in Cartagena, concerning both Medicine and the dental clinic. I think this can be a centre of Health Sciences for the city of Cartagena, which is fundamental for the Region”.

The vice-chancellor of Quality and Academic Organisation of UCAM, Manuel Carlos Ruiz, who accompanied the Minister during his visit along with the dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of UCAM, Jerónimo Lajara, and the vice-dean of the Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry, José Manuel Granero, said that “we are very pleased that the Regional Ministry of Universities wanted to visit our facilities and was able to see the resources this university has for the training of students and how the curriculum is planed”.

Ruiz stressed that “we are proud that the Public Administration can see how the resources this university has and the teaching it provides are developed with excellence, meeting all quality standards and obtaining excellent results as can be seen in the MIR exams”.