'Jesus of Nazareth' premieres on March 05 at Auditorium Victor Villegas

17 February 2016

Renowned composer Roque Baños directed this sacred drama film produced by UCAM


Composed of over 200 talented actors, dancers, musicians, singers from the Symphony Orchestra of Universidad Catolica de Murcia and Coral Discantus worked together for the upcoming film produced by UCAM entited ‘Jesus of Nazareth’. This will be screened on Saturday, March 5, 9pm at the Auditorio Victor Villegas de Murcia, and in Jumilla at the Teatro Vico on March 11 -12 in collaboration with the Consejería de Cultura y Portavocía and the Municipality of Jumilla.


This sacred drama is divided into two acts that narrate the Life of Jesus and Passion of Jesus of Nazareth. The music used in the film was left unfinished half centuries ago by the musician and composer Jumillano Julián Santos and now continued and finished by one of his students, Roque Baños who happened to be the director of the said film. Mr. Roque Baños is one of the most important and acclaimed composers of the present that accumulates numerous national and international awards.



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Murcia. March 5th. 21h.

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Jumilla. March 11-12.

Teatro Vico.

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