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Cardinal Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace started the International Congress Laudato Si about integral ecology and environment at UCAM.


04 March 2016

Inaugural International Congress of Laudato Si


Murcia, 02/03/2016

He began the International Congress in tribute to Pope Francisco, In front of the Monastery of UCAM Jeronimos, organized by the Catholic University of Murcia. The Congress was inaugurated by José Luis Mendoza, president of the UCAM; Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, who also held a conference on The concept of integral ecology in the Encyclical Laudato Si ; Jose Manuel Lorca Planes, Bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena; Josefina Garcia Lozano, rector of the academic institution, and José Alberto Canovas, Episcopal vicar.

Cardinal Turkson expressed his honor to convey this encyclical of the Holy Father, in which it encouraged all leaders of the world to take this issue seriously. He stated that "this encyclical has been very important in the Summit of Climate change in Paris a few months ago, precisely to encourage all delegates of the countries to care about the environment". During his speech, he referred to an implication that this issue needs the care of the whole society, and that we must have respect towards the environment for our future generations.

Turkson stressed that this encyclical sparks great ecumenical interest, " we are not only representatives of the Roman curia but also from other partners in the faith of Eastern Christianity" and "the Pope Francisco alongside his Holiness Bartholomew I have become the ambassadors of the Holy Father to defend the environment and ecology ".

More than 200 experts

The president of the UCAM, has highlighted the importance of this Congress which will attract over 200 experts in this field. "We express the integral ecology through the love of God," said Jose Luis Mendoza, who has stressed the importance of the collaboration of the whole society on improving ecosystems. "It's very dangerous if a man thinks that he's the Lord of the Earth...After Easter time, it's important to create the relationship between us and nature"

Regional issue

In the regional issue, José Luis Mendoza recalled the need for water in the region of Murcia: "We are the garden of Europe and we lack water, which is a necessary good of all and for all. Many families can not live without it ". He appealed the good conscience of all Spanish citizens and political powers to have a good redistribution of it for the farmers in our region.

The opening day has ended with the Eucharist presided by Cardinal Peter Turkson.

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