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Daniel Lacalle: ‘We are experiencing the boomerang effect of an inflationary spree’

The economist took part in an event held on the Los Jerónimos Campus to celebrate the second anniversary of the San Antonio Management Fund, the UCAM's endowment in collaboration with Tressis. This initiative aims to offer scholarships and grants to study, do research or sport, and for charities.

Daniel Lacalle: ‘We are experiencing the boomerang effect of an inflationary spree’
José Miguel Maté, José Luis Mendoza García, Daniel Lacalle and Samuel Mendoza talking after the event held at the Los Jerónimos Campus.

Investors, entrepreneurs, UCAM representatives and professors and students of the Faculty of Economics and Business attended the 2nd Anniversary of the San Antonio Management Fund, the UCAM's endowment, created in collaboration with the financial institution Tressis. Held at the Los Jerónimos Campus, the event included a presentation on the evolution of this initiative, which aims to reinforce the institution's social work through scholarships and financial aid for study, research, sports and charities.

The chief economist of Tressis, Daniel Lacalle, made a macroeconomic analysis in which he highlighted that ‘we are experiencing the boomerang effect of an inflationary spree’. He also presented his latest book, Haz crecer tu dinero (Make your money grow), stressing that ‘it is aimed at those interested in investing or learning about it, and seeks to dismantle many myths about the investment process’. Lacalle has also addressed the large group of Economics students who attended the event, asking them ‘to make mistakes, not to think that they need to know exactly what they are going to be doing in 30 years' time right now, to take risks, to learn and to be critical and responsible at the same time’.

For his part, José Luis Mendoza García, UCAM Director of Institutional Relations, highlighted the good evolution of the UCAM's endowment. In his words, it is essential ‘that it continues to grow, to allocate its profitability to both good students and those who have economic difficulties, as well as to those athletes who cannot afford to train’. He ended adding that ‘we will also support start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to create synergies with the university to continue growing’.

The financial institution Tressis manages this endowment of the Universidad Católica de Murcia which, according to its CEO, José Miguel Maté, ‘aims to allocate the university's surplus funds in a responsible manner, which is what we do at Tressis, with the primary objective of meeting the university's goals in terms of supporting students and athletes. Moreover, the results are very attractive in the environment we are living in’.