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25 start-ups from all over Spain consolidate their projects at the Bootcamp UCAM Flow HiTech

The event will continue on Thursday with the LifeTech Summit, organised by the INFO (the Regional Development Agency of the Region of Murcia) in cooperation with UCAM University. More than two hundred people, all of whom are linked to the innovative ecosystems of food, health and sports, will participate in the event held at UCAM’s high-technology incubator.

25 start-ups from all over Spain consolidate their projects at the Bootcamp UCAM Flow HiTech
The Bootcamp UCAM Flow HiTech training programme, in which 25 start-ups from all over Spain participate, commenced this morning.

A total of 25 companies in their consolidation and growth phase, belonging to the health, sports and food sectors, from all over Spain, will be participating in the third Bootcamp UCAM Flow HiTech organised by UCAM University this week. This training programme, which is unique in Spain, has begun this morning at UCAM HiTech, the high-technology incubator.

The bootcamp will span over 4 days, and it will be focusing on innovation, growth and investment levers. Its aim is helping the participating start-ups to obtain funds and to consolidate their projects. In addition, more than thirty meetings between the start-ups that are participating in the Flow programme and several UCAM's research groups have been scheduled in order to create synergy.

‘We should congratulate UCAM HiTech because it is doing an extraordinary job’, affirmed Asier Basterretxea, founder and CEO of Exponential StartUps, and one of the programme’s mentors, who also highlighted that, despite the short life of UCAM’s high-technology incubator, it is emerging as a relevant actor in this ecosystem. Also, ‘it is managing to unite start-ups from all over Spain that compete to be here, in this programme. Regarding entrepreneurship, the expert pointed out that ‘this will no longer be a second option for many people. It will become a first choice, which is the result of desire and necessity’.

The 25 start-ups that were selected to participate in this event are: GeneticAI (Madrid)/ Avamed Synergy (Alicante)/ ENKITEK (Barcelona)/ Flowgy (Murcia) /GREEN&GREAT (Madrid) / GBEST Gaming Formula (Alicante) / Spodha (Asturias) /MIOBIO Healthy Food (Valencia)/ Intec (Murcia)/ myOMICS (Asturias)/ @revel (Sevilla) / Naturbec (Murcia)/ Protein Gastronomy (Barcelona)/ Ubiko Sports (Murcia)/ Grodi Tech (Almeria)/ Técnicas Biomédicas Para la Salud S.L TBIOM (Barcelona)/ ClimaticCo (Murcia)/ Innogando (Lugo)/ NEWEX (Barcelona)/ (Madrid)/ Yuït (Bizkaia)/ Vegaffinity (Murcia)/ ICU Medical (Alicante)/ Aggregata Medicina Felina Integral (Murcia) and Nodium Sports (Álava).

For Mireia Muñiz, CEO of YUIT, a start-up within the food sector, this is an amazing opportunity to get in touch with investment forums and to expand her knowledge. ‘The programme is providing us with excellent tools to speed up our business”, she stated.

Within the sports sector, all the way from Asturias, Javier Gómez is participating. He is a co- founding member of SPODHA, for whom ‘UCAM HiTech is the core of the vertical in which we operate: sports, health and food; the best platform to learn, improve and be seen’. This aspect is also highlighted by Agustín Argelich, linked to the health-related start-up called TBIOM: ‘it is a programme that is highly focussed on health technologies, so our project is a perfect fit in its approach’.

LifeTech Summit will convene more than two hundred people from the innovative ecosystem.

Within the framework of this programme, more than two hundred people who are related to the innovative ecosystem in the food, health and sports sectors (start-ups, business angels, representatives of investment vehicles, leaders of research groups as well as R&D representatives of companies) will be participating this Thursday -starting at 6pm- and on

Friday in the LifeTech Summit forum, organised by the INFO, in cooperation with UCAM, funded by NextGenerationEU. At the high-technology incubator’s facilities of UCAM -UCAM HiTech- the reality of these sectors will be analysed along with the investment possibility and the prospect of open innovation and growth offered in these three fields.

The event will be attended by, among others, former WNBA player, Amaya Valdemoro; Samuel Gil, CEO of JME Ventures; Alex Igrisano, director of Orbyn Alternative Assets; and Javier Fernández-Gallardo, of Innoventures Capital. The latter two will moderate the round tables in which leading national figures in open innovation and investment will be participating. On both days, and coinciding with the networking sessions, the online TV programme Nación Innovación (Innovation Nation) will broadcast special interviews with the main stakeholders.