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Bachelor´s Degree inPsychology

Call for intern students

The position of ‘intern student’ of a department is a training tool that UCAM makes available to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students who have passed all the core training credits of the previous academic year.

The main purpose of an intern student is to continue their academic, professional and scientific training by participating in the documentation, publication and research tasks of the department's research groups. Interns are expressly excluded from all teaching activities. Interns shall not be entitled to remuneration or salary for their work.

Interns join the departments to collaborate in a research project, under the direction of a lecturer/s who is/are a member/s of one of the research groups included in the UCAM Official Register of Groups. As a complement to their scientific and professional training, interns can collaborate in the publication of scientific and general information or dissemination works, bibliographic repertoires and documentary tasks, as well as in the coordination of activities and attending lecturers' seminars, conferences, symposia and congresses organised by the department.

The appointment of ‘intern student’ will be included in the academic transcript as a merit, as well as the recognition of 0.5 ECTS per year, provided that the director of the research group that supervises the student does not report otherwise. In such cases, the project coordinator must detail the reasons for his or her negative report and submit them, in writing, to the Vice-Rector for Research, who shall take the final decision.

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UCAM research initiation grants

The UCAM Research Initiation Grants meet the University's responsibility to foster the scientific spirit and awaken the students' interest in research from the earliest stages of their education. The aim is to encourage the incorporation into the departments, with current research projects, of students in their final year of their Bachelor's or Master's degree, who can thus have their first contact with scientific and research activity.

Results from previous calls show this initiative to be an excellent opportunity for research groups to make contact with the best academically qualified students. At the end of this training period, they can switch to other training programmes, such as pre-doctoral research training contracts, thus also serving the policy of increasing the number of researchers at UCAM.

Students must develop their research work in any of the UCAM departments. The grants will be exclusively applicable to research groups included in the official register of the Vice-Rector's Office for Research, preferably consolidated groups in which research projects are being developed, financed by the calls of the UCAM Programme, or by funding programmes of external bodies. 

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MEC collaboration grants for final year students

Collaboration Grants designed to facilitate the collaboration of university students in the departments, combining them with their studies. This type of grant is of unquestionable interest both for departments and for students who are about to complete their Bachelor's Degree studies or who are in the first year of official university Master's Degrees, as they can come into contact with specialised research tasks directly linked to the studies they are pursuing, while at the same time offering them the possibility of broadening their knowledge and specifying their interests with a view to possible incorporation into future teaching or research tasks.

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