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MBA Sports Management

*Master in Continuing Education


Willem Coleman


MBA Sports Management - Ghanaian nationality

I have been a sports enthusiast all my life and in 2015 I made the decision to study for an MBA in Sport Management at UCAM. I have always been fascinated by sport and the power it has to change lives, so learning about the business of sport formed the basis of my new career. Within the short space of one year, I was equipped with the requisite skills to venture into the world of sports by getting an impeccable theoretical framework and solid practical experience too. All that in addition to getting invaluable insights from top sports professionals and executives in the masterclasses.After coming back to my country, Ghana, with my new background, I set up Centa14 Sports and Entertainment and I have already racked up successful projects and worked with some of the world's top organisations and executives, all thanks to the solid foundation built at UCAM.



Jordan Kotsopoulos


MBA Sports Management - Canadian nationality

Throughout my whole childhood, I believed professional football would be my career. Unfortunately the odds are against everyone! Which is why one day, after a few knee surgeries I decided to settle down and begin an academic degree in Economics and Finance. This course of action wasn't for me, so after I graduated, with a full job offer at my feet to work in a Bank, I decided to decline and move to Murcia, Spain to do my MBA Sports Management degree. This turned out to be the best decision of my life as I, in turn, exploited every corner of the program to leverage myself to create a career in the world of football! The UCAM MBA lead me to my internship in Dubai, working for Michel Salgado, Real Madrid and Spanish National team legend, and Inaki Beni, former youth Real Madrid Academy coach. I now work at The Royal Emirates Sports Academy, as a Business Development Executive for football, with the a special condition to do some part time coaching for the football academy on the side!



Domen Irsic


MBA Sports Management - Slovenian nationality

Sport has always been an important part of my life. After graduating my Bachelors in Physical Education I made a life-changing decision to study MBA Sports Management abroad at UCAM as I wanted to have a closer look at sports business industry. Not only I got to learn from the best professionals in the branch and do the internship in the professional LaLiga football club, I also developed friendships with people from all over the world. The knowledge I acquired helped me get a permanent job in managing a sports center. The experience opened me many doors for working in a sports business which would have been impossible otherwise.



Philips Arobaya


MBA Sports Management - Indonesian nationality

My internship at the third half (t3h) allowed me to explore a specific segment of the sports business industry; soccer tourism & social football. t3h’s focus on social football or football for good was rewarding for me as it shared similar values to my own. Interning at t3h gave way for me to collaborate with the segment’s industry leader street football world, which I consider an added bonus to my experience. Overall I felt the internship contributed to the bettering of my bearing to know how I wanted to be involved in the sports industry.



Lulia Necula


MBA Sports Management - Rumanian nationality

As a professional athlete and Olympian (Beijing 2008), here at UCAM I had the unique opportunity to combine my professional career with the academic study. After graduating my Bachelors in Sport Science and Tourism I decided to go for MBA Sports Managementand it turned out to be the best decision I made. Not only I got to learn from the best professionals in the branch but I also got the possibility to do my internship and work with many Sport Institutions and Clubs that collaborate with the University. The knowledge and the experience acquired helped me furthered my career and entered into the world of Management which would have otherwise been impossible. At UCAM I had the chance of doing from my passion, my work.

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