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General information

Definition of the Polimedia concept

que es polimedia

The development of Polimedia responds to the need to transfer to society the enormous volume of knowledge that exists in the educational and research fields of our country in a way that allows mass production without interfering with the work of these experts.

The design of Polimedia achieves extreme simplicity for the speaker, who should only focus on explaining his knowledge with maximum clarity and interest, isolating him from any concern for technological issues that might distract him. The only thing needed to create a Polimedia object is to go to the production room with the contents to be taught in digital format. In this room a technician carries out the production, so that, between one and two days, the speaker already has his content to distribute it through the Internet immediately as it does not require any kind of post-production.

The Polimedia room is made up of multimedia equipment capable of generating audiovisual products in high definition. Broadly speaking, the room is divided into two scenarios: the control desk, directed by the Polimedia technician, and the recording area. In the latter, the speaker is the protagonist. Classifying the elements in groups of systems we differentiate two blocks:

  • Video capture system: It consists of the devices necessary to capture the video and the audio of the teacher performing the explanation.
  • Presentation capture system: It is composed by the necessary devices for the teacher to make the presentation and the elements destined to the capture of the screens of the presentation itself.