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Religious Services

Liturgical schedule in the UCAM Chapel


  • 8:30am Laude
  • 10:40am Prayer of the Rosary.
  • 11:00am Eucharist.

Afternoon (except Friday):

  • 15:00pm Intermediate hour and readings of the Office of Readings.
  • 18:00pm Prayer of the Rosary and silent prayer.
  • 18:30pm Vespers.

Special activity on Thursdays:


There will be shifts of 'Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament' from 11:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Members of the University Community will be especially invited to take turns of 30 minutes to cover the time of Adoration.

Schedules and Calendars of the different Sacraments in the University

Celebration of the Eucharist

  • Daily: 11 m. and 6 t. (in the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament) .
  • Start of school year: November, 11 m.
  • St. Thomas Aquinas: January 28, 11 m.
  • Saint Anthony: 13 June, 11 m.
  • Patrons of the degrees: according to schedule to be agreed.


  • Penance (Reconciliation): when requested
  • Confirmation: June 13, 11 m.
  • Marriage: according to reservation of date.

Celebration meetings

  • Welcome to the students of the 1st and offer of the course: October, 12 m., Santuario de la Fuensanta
  • Advent and Christmas proclamation.
  • Lenten and Easter Proclamation.

Prayer Meetings

  • Lauds: school days, at 8:40am.; Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Spiritual retreats: offered from the Chaplaincy and offered externally by religious congregations.
    • Lenten retreat: Wednesdays in Lent.
  • 24 hours of Prayer for Peace
  • Visit to cloistered monasteries and vocational prayer.

Catechesis and Didascalation

  • Confirmation Preparation: Wednesday 11:30-12:30 m. and 5-6 t. (start: November)
  • Youth Group: according to possibilities.
  • Catechumenate for university students: in project.
  • Encounter for engaged couples: in collaboration with the MFC.

Vocational Group

  • To help young women in their vocational discernment stage.
  • Meeting with the Word of God, prayer, the sacraments and spiritual accompaniment.
  • To reflect on the vocation of the group of girls: consecrated life, charitable activity, contemplative life, missions or marriage.

For dialogue and/or spiritual direction: in the morning and afternoon, priests and religious are available to the university community.