The University fosters a healthier lifestyle for its students

16 October 2015

In September, seven students from UCAM took part in the project “Get Healthy! Get Natural!”, co-financed by the European Union, in Timisoara (Romania). Coordinated by the OPRI (International Projects Office) of the Catholic University, youngsters could enjoy a dynamic and creative experience to become ambassadors of a healthier lifestyle.

Throughout the course of a week, the Noi Re-Cream organization in Romania hosted 50 youths from 5 Europeans countries (Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia and Spain) to raise awareness on their food and sport habits. Today, because of the brand marketing, advertisements and the life rhythm we have, we tend to eat always faster, easier and we regularly end up eating fast and greasy food. In addition to the personal health problems, the alimentation of young people has become a public health issue in several countries. Projects such as “Get Healthy! Get Natural!” are looking for a way to alert youngsters of their food behaviour and give them tools and advices to live a healthier life.

Everyday, young people participated in sports and cooking workshops and could learn from athletes, nutritionists and alimentation experts. They also had the opportunity to visit an organic farm to learn where products come from, the production process and the benefits of such cultivation. As it is a global issue, UCAM sent students from various faculties: Medicine, Sport, Occupational Therapy and Nursing.

The Catholic University now believes that the participants will live a healthier life and become ambassadors of this lifestyle.