UCAM takes part in a project aiming to promote democratic participation at European level

The project also involves representatives of France, Germany, the Netherlands or Italy

10 August 2015

Professors of UCAM’s Communication Faculty and the coordinators of the DIGITALAC investigation group, Isabel Sarabia y Ángel Pablo, participated in Bremen (Germany) to the third meeting of the IDEA-C European project, that seeks to fight the lack of political awareness at European level and to promote the democratic participation in this area.


The project, led by the Italian town of Geraci Siculo, organizes meetings that enable universities and EU experts to connect with citizens, through debates and activities that aim to give them the opportunity to express themselves on how they see the European Union, what it represents to them and what they expect from it, in order to foster their democratic and civic conscience.


One of the ideas learned in a meeting, to which professors of the Universidad Católica de Murcia took part along with representatives of France, Germany, the Netherlands or Italia, is that European citizens are aware to belong to an organization broader that their own country, but most of them see it as a theory and declare that there is a lack of concrete results in their daily lives.