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UCAM takes part in the Congress on Spirituality and Sport held in Rome

María Mendoza, Luis Emilio Pascual, Felipe Tomás Valero and Carlos Moreno participated in the event, which dealt with the fusion of sport and spirituality.

Carlos Moreno, Felipe Tomás Valero, María Mendoza and Luis Emilio Pascual, at the congress held in Rome
Carlos Moreno, Felipe Tomás Valero, María Mendoza and Luis Emilio Pascual, at the congress held in Rome

UCAM attended the Congress on Spirituality and Sport, entitled 'Putting life into play', which was held in Rome and organised by the French Embassy to the Holy See and the 'Vatican Dicastery for Culture and Evangelisation'. The UCAM representatives were María Mendoza, member of the Board of Trustees of the Fundación Universitaria San Antonio; Felipe Tomás Valero, UCAM Murcia CF chaplain; Carlos Moreno, sports director of the football academy; and Luis Emilio Pascual, senior chaplain of UCAM and the basketball team.  

The event, which took place in the auditorium of the French Institute (Saint Louis Centre) affiliated to the French Embassy to the Holy See, was held in a cordial atmosphere favourable to the exchange of ideas. Discussions focused on two main themes: the relationship between sports and spirituality, and the impact of sport on human anthropology. Speakers explored how athletes can lose their meaning if they focus solely on winning or physical development, without attending to spiritual and personal growth. The role of sport in humanisation and community building, especially through team sports, was highlighted.  

The congress concluded with a celebration of the Eucharist in the Saint Louis of the French Church, in which both the participants and some sportsmen and women took part. This event, which lasted a day and a half, was a convivial and reflective day on spirituality and sport. It left a significant mark on the participants, who shared enriching moments and experiences.  

The participation of UCAM in this international event underlines its commitment to the integral training of its students and its interest in the integration of spiritual values in the field of sport.