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UCAM students and senior citizens from the La Caixa Foundation united by the radio

They have produced an intergenerational radio programme for a more inclusive society at the instigation of professors from the Faculty of Communication at the Universidad Católica de Murcia.

The Los Jerónimos Campus of UCAM hosted the recording of the programme ‘The radio: a bridge between generations’, an activity which is part of the cooperation agreement between the La Caixa Foundation and UCAM for the development of the research project ‘The radio as a tool to fight ageism and encourage the active social participation of the elderly’. 

The main purpose of this project, led by professors Beatriz Correyero, Mª Carmen Robles and Isabel Mª García, is to connect two very different generations using radio communication. Furthermore, this cooperation was born out of the demand to listen to the elderly and to promote intergenerational solidarity in our society. 

The recording of the programme, which can be found on the iradio ucam website, is the result of putting the knowledge acquired by the elderly into practice. Said knowledge comes from the workshop 'Your voice on the radio', held from February to May 2023 by the students of the Faculty of Communication, Paloma Mª Garrido Gallego and Vicente Candel Fernández.