UCAM, second highest rated university of Spain in the area of health and well-being

In the report, elaborated by the Everis Foundation after consultation with 2.000 entrepreneurs, the Catholic University of Murcia is the leading university of the country in three of the skills assessed: Honesty and ethical commitment, teamwork and performance orientation.

04 November 2015

The Everis Foundation, headed by Eugenio Galdón, published a report based on the responses of 2.000 companies throughout Spain with more than ten workers, that hired 21.637 graduated students without experience, from 95 degrees of 72 universities during the past five years (2011-15). According to this study, showing which are the best universities of Spain for companies, both public and private, the Catholic University of Murcia is in second position in the area of health and well-being, only overcame by the University of Navarra.

To carry out this report, entrepreneurs are asked to make an assessment based on eight different items; with an average of 8’13, UCAM leads three of those: honesty and ethic commitment (9'26), teamwork (8'37) and performance orientation (8'06); all those related to the sector of health and well being. 

Furthermore, the report also takes into account skills such as the ability to learn and adapt to change, analysis and problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills, ability to work in multicultural and multidisciplinary environments, as well as technical expertise of the profession.

The Everis Foundation is dedicated to the support of entrepreneurs and the development of innovation, and places special emphasis on the fact that honesty and ethical commitment should be the core values of every job applicant.