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UCAM, number two in Spain in terms of private research funding per lecturer

The IUNE 2022 Observatory reports UCAM’s growth in R&D contracts and consultancies per 100 lecturers, especially since the launch of UCAM HiTech

UCAM, number two in Spain in terms of private research funding per lecturer
UCAM boosted its ranking, especially since the launch of its HiTech.

In their 2022 report, the researchers of the '4U Alliance', composed of the universities Carlos III de Madrid, Autónoma de Madrid, Autónoma de Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra, which form the IUNE Observatory, concluded that the Universidad Católica de Murcia is the second university in Spain in terms of R&D contracts and consultancies per 100 lecturers.

These results show UCAM’s commitment to both the creation and acquisition of infrastructures and to the attraction and retention of talent in order to develop quality research which can be transferred to society in general and to the productive world in particular. ‘UCAM was created by José Luis Mendoza with a clear service vocation, which is demonstrated in the constant commitment to our teaching and research quality,’ says Estrella Núñez, Vice-Rector of Research at the University.

UCAM is the Murcian university that has attracted most funds in R&D and consultancy contracts per 100 lecturers in the last three years (2018-2019-2020) covered in the IUNE study. In 2020 said amount was €1,113. The IUNE observatory also highlighted that UCAM is the second most cited university in scientific articles among Spanish private universities, especially in the areas of medicine and pharmacology. Along the same lines, the CYD Ranking highlighted UCAM's excellent achievements in raising external funds and in knowledge transfer with cleared private funds.


‘We are achieving excellent results in raising private funds to develop research in the Region of Murcia in cooperation with the business world , which is one of our priorities. This has been especially noteworthy since the creation of the UCAM HiTech Sport & Health Innovation Hub’, states Estrella Núñez. UCAM launched its high-tech incubator three years ago with the aim of fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and research applied to the world of health, sports and nutrition, which has turned out to be a resounding success. ‘Our students are able to appreciate the strength of cooperation with the business world, which will then generate high-qualified jobs for university graduates.’ says the Vice-Rector.