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UCAM Murcia CB makes history: Endesa League runners-up 2023/24

The university team closes its best season in which it has won the bronze medal in the Basketball Champions League, it has participated in the Copa del Rey in Malaga and it has been a ACB finalist

UCAM Murcia CB captain Nemanja Radovic lifts the Endesa League 2023/24 runner-up trophy
UCAM Murcia CB captain Nemanja Radovic lifts the Endesa League 2023/24 runner-up trophy

The best season in the history of the UCAM Murcia CB. The final against Real Madrid, despite the 3-0 aggregate score, will go down in history as three games in which the Murcian team fought for victory against the best team in Europe In the third and final game, at the Palacio de los Deportes which had a magical atmosphere, the team coached by Sito Alonso was in the lead until well into the third quarter. Five minutes of Madrid madness, with Campazzo and Musa as the stars, turned the situation around and ended up being decisive in the final result. 

Despite the defeat, when Nemanja Radovic lifted the 2023/24 Endesa League runners-up trophy, the fans were overjoyed. Never has this club gone so far, never has it performed so well and never has it competed at this level. There are many reasons to be proud of what has been achieved in a season that will go down in history: bronze in the Basketball Champions League, playing in the Copa del Rey in Malaga, its best win-loss ratio (21-13), its best classification in the regular league (5th) and its best final position in the league competition (2nd). 

The competitive level shown by the university team throughout the season has been praised by all opponents. The signing of players such as Rodions KurucsHoward Sant-RoosSimon Birgander and Dylan Ennis gave UCAM a new look, and from the outset they showed that intensity and concentration were going to be key factors that would mark their trajectory. Even in the face of adversity and the arrival of new players such as Marko Todorovic and Jonah Radebaugh to cover injured players, the squad has evolved and shown an even better version of itself. At the end of the road, and in hindsight, a season that will remain in the memory comes to an end. One more step in the growth of an institution that has continuously brought joy since UCAM, with José Luis Mendoza in charge, took the helm of the club. An incredible achievement that might be the gateway to even more success in the years to come.