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UCAM Murcia CB makes history and enters the ACB semi-finals

Sleva and Radebaugh have been key in the play-off against Valencia
Sleva and Radebaugh have been key in the play-off against Valencia

Breaking the home court advantage, against a Euroleague team and overcoming the absence of two of their most important players (Simon Birgander and Marko Todorovic), the UCAM Murcia Club Baloncesto has shattered one of its ceilings in the Endesa League and has managed to reach the semi-finals for the first time after eliminating Valencia Basket by breaking the home-court advantage and winning both games played at the Fuente de San Luis

In the penultimate round awaits Unicaja, the only team that has beaten UCAM in all the matches they have played (one in the Super Cup, two in the regular league and one in the Final Four of the Basketball Champions League). This play-off is a best of five games and whoever goes through will face the winner of the other semi-final between Real Madrid and Barcelona

This semi-final qualification is yet another milestone in the best season in the history of UCAM Murcia. After hosting the Supercopa de España for the first time, it managed to qualify for the Copa del Rey de Málaga, where it lost to Real Madrid, but fought until the end. In the regular league, UCAM has achieved its best win-loss record (21-13) and the best position (5th) and have now managed to get a place in the semi-finals, something that has never been achieved before. 

Thanks to the continuous work carried out since UCAM took over the club, its founder, José Luis Mendoza has transformed the team from being one that struggled to maintain its position in the league every season to being a regular participant in European competitions and a contender to enter the Cup and the play-offs. Two bronze medals in the BCL, a Cup semi-final and now these ACB semi-finals are the fruits of a club that now rubs shoulders with the big boys and has entered the elite of Spanish basketball on its own merits.