UCAM leads the quality renewal accreditation of degrees

ANECA acknowledged the quality of UCAM degrees and renew the accreditation of nine postgraduates degrees.


10 May 2016

UCAM Campus


The National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) gave approval for the renewal of accreditation for nine official UCAM postgraduate programs which solidifies  its position as a leader in Spain having  the highest number of renewed degrees.

It should be noted that as a general framework, all universities in Spain are required by Royal Decree 1393/2007 to renew the accreditation of their degrees. Bachelors are required to renew every six years and post graduate every four. UCAM  leads in the ongoing evaluation process ( Bologna Process) launched by Ministry of Education which helps to evaluate the quality of titles in the university's. Official titles got renewal accreditation in academic year 2015/2016.

Master in Communication 
Master in Biological ethics 
Master in Business Administration (MBA) 
Masters in Osteopathy and Manual Therapy 
Master in Social Development  
Master in Management and Planning Health Services 
Master in Nutrition and Food Safety 
Master in Teacher Training 
Master in Environmental Engineering 

    In addition to these nine renewed titles, UCAM has presented 21 other degrees for the next renewal period, including bachelor's and postgraduate for 2016. Master 's degrees include High Performance Sports, Science Security and Criminology, access to Advocacy, Research in Physical Education and Health and Social Sanitary Research.

The  bachelor's programs are: Civil Engineering; Psychology; Telecommunication Systems Engineering, Tourism, Computer Engineering, Construction Engineering, Occupational Therapy, Physical therapy and Nursing.

Otherwise, UCAM initiated the procedure of fourteen degrees for upcoming academic years, including bachelors:  Architecture; And Primary Education; Law and Science of Physical Activity and Sport, among others and official postgraduates: Master in Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports; Advances in Cardiology; Marketing and Communication, Innovation and Tourism Marketing and Diagnostic Imaging in Cardiology, among many others. 

Exhaustive procedure 

Manuel Ruiz, director of Quality of UCAM notes that "ANECA carried out intense working days at UCAM to perform a thorough evaluation " 

These meetings used  the participation of representatives of quality agency from public and private universities as well as members of the agency itself. In addition, meetings also involved in the representatives of regional and national teachers, students and graduates of different process titles.

When experts perform the evaluation before issuing a report to the Ministry of Education, they will evaluate the quality of the title based on the information of the title generated during implantation to decide whether it can be renewed or not.

Also, Ruiz said that "this authorization ensures adequate continuity of the provision of the titles until the next renewal of accreditation, with total quality assurance".