UCAM increases support on eSports

The Catholic University of Murcia gave a grant to José Miguel ‘Josemi’ Pascual, content creator, and to Luis Pérez ‘Koldo’, player of Leage of Legends, in the teams Wind Gaming and x6tence. José Miguel ‘Josemi’ Pascual will be studying a degree in Psychology, and Luis Pérez ‘Koldo’ will continue studying a degree in Computer Engineering

18 March 2019

Óscar Tornero, operations chief of Wild Gaming, José Luis Mendoza, president of UCAM and ‘Josemi’, content creator granted by the university


The Catholic University of Murcia will continue the supporting of eSports by granting José Miguel ‘Josemi’ Pascual, the content creator with almost 2 millions of suscribers in his two Youtube-accounts, who will be studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. This way, UCAM settles the payment of access to the university for those over 25, and allows ‘Josemi’ to combine, once enrolled, the studies in Psychology with his work as a content creator. José Miguel Pascual values the work UCAM does with eSports, and highlights that it’s unique that there is a university that supports the eSports professionals. The signing of the grant “is framed in our collaboration with strategic partners, in this case Wild Gaming, and through the agreement that we have we have granted a new streamer and gamer”, explained Tao Martínez, strategic director of UCAM eSports. On his part, Óscar Tornero, chief of operations of Wild Gaming, highlighted that UCAM can help José Miguel Pascual to complete his studies during his career as a streamer. This way, José Miguel Pascual is the first student to receive a grant through the agreement with Wild Gaming.

Luis Pérez, LOL player, has also been granted

UCAM has also given a grant to Luis Pérez, a player of League of Legends (LOL) known as ‘Koldo’, who wanted to express appreciation to the university for the support that allows him to combine the studies in the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering with his profession as LOL player. “UCAM has given me an opportunity to study after getting out of a university that didn’t allow me to combine my studies with my professional career”, Luis Pérez commented. Furthermore, he declared that “UCAM is the only university capable of resolving this problem, and I’m very grateful for it”.