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UCAM HiTech will offer new entrepreneurship programmes for under 30s

This will be done together with the Incyde Foundation and the training will focus on health, nutrition and sports.

UCAM HiTech will offer new entrepreneurship programmes for under 30s
José María Párraga, Samuel Mendoza, Javier Collado, José Luis Mendoza García and César Nicolás.

The Universidad Católica de Murcia and the Fundación Instituto Cameral para la Creación y Desarrollo de la Empresa (INCYDE) signed a collaboration agreement on Wednesday for the implementation of six training actions focused on promoting entrepreneurship and job creation, framed in the technological hub of UCAM HiTech. These will target the areas of health, sport and nutrition, and will be aimed exclusively at people under 30 years of age.

The signing ceremony was attended by José Luis Mendoza García, Director of Institutional Relations, and Samuel Mendoza, General Director of Infrastructures and Digital Transformation, on behalf of the UCAM; and Javier Collado, General Director and CEO, and José María Párraga, Deputy Director, on behalf of the Incyde Foundation. The training is part of the Build Your Future - Murcia project of the Programa de Itinerarios de Emprendimiento Juvenil (Programme of Youth Entrepreneurship Itineraries), co-financed by the European Social Fund.

In addition to these training programmes, complementary activities such as guidance workshops, mentoring, supervision, etc. will be developed. The portfolio of services will be increased, giving a strong boost to the internationalisation of UCAM HiTech, the high-tech incubator in health, sport and food of the Universidad Católica de Murcia.

Javier Collado stressed that this agreement represents an extension of the collaboration between the two institutions and a boost for UCAM HiTech.

‘The Foundation has 23 high-tech incubators in Spain and one of the busiest and most important is UCAM HiTech. Therefore, we want to take another leap, towards internationalisation, to provide it with more services’, he pointed out. For his part, César Nicolás, ITM Director, expressed his ‘gratitude to the Incyde Foundation for the launch of these new initiatives, which will strengthen entrepreneurship and employment in the Region of Murcia’.