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UCAM graduates create twice as many companies as the average for university students in Spain

The institution has excellent results for the employability of the UCAM students 

UCAM graduates create twice as many companies as the average for university students in Spain
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Wed, 07/06/2017 - 11:02

The Observatory of University Entrepreneurship, promoted by the Conference of Rectors of the Spanish Universities, the Santander Entrepreneurship International Center and RedEmprendia, concludes that one of every ten students of the UCAM has already created a company during their intern period against the national average (4,9%).

It also reflects that 40% of university students of the Catholic University of Murcia are considered "potential entrepreneurs" and intend to create a company in the next three years which is greater than the national average, which is 30%.
In the study, which involved twenty-eight Spanish universities, the profile and intentions of university students were analyzed, as well as the perception of these young people about their abilities and capacities to promote business initiatives.
At the same time, 81% of the young people surveyed at the UCAM value very positively the training received, dissemination of the culture of entrepreneurship as a valid option for labor insertion, as well as mentoring and different theoretical and practical programs oriented to foster entrepreneurship that is deployed through the ITM Technological Institute.
The commitment of the UCAM to offer quality training accompanied by correct detection of entrepreneurial skills and attitudes has generated greater confidence in the students when considering starting business activities,  reflected in the fact that more than one in three (34.3%) believe they have the business skill needed to start one compared to the national average of one in four (26.4%).
Sofía Fernández, director of the Technological Institute of the UCAM, believes that "participating in this Observatory allows us to know firsthand the interests, needs, and attitudes of university students in relation to the promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives, which helps us with the design of activities and programs for their benefit. " In addition, "only universities with entrepreneurial attitudes are able to prepare young innovators with ‘out of the box’ thinking skills in big demand in today’s labor market."