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The UCAM expedition to assist the victims of the war in Ukraine is already on its way

It consists of a trailer with humanitarian aid, a bus that will bring back a group of refugees and two support vehicles with volunteers from the University Platform for Peace

Volunteers from the University Platform for Peace
Volunteers from the University Platform for Peace

The University Platform for Peace, driven by the president of UCAM, José Luis Mendoza, is already carrying out its first humanitarian mission. A team of volunteers, which set off from the Los Jerónimos Campus, is on its way to the border between Poland and Ukraine to deliver a shipment of basic supplies and pick up a group of Ukrainian refugees who will be welcomed in the Region of Murcia. 

The expedition is made up of more than ten people, including María Mendoza, head of the University Platform for Peace; a doctor who trained in Poland and was on an Erasmus scholarship at the Universidad Católica; Yanina Amelchyts, a former UCAM student and Ukrainian refugee in Murcia; and other volunteers who will carry out various assistance and logistical tasks.

María explained at the Universidad Católica that “we didn't hesitate for a single moment when we saw that people were requesting help from various places when the war broke out. We have set up this platform in response to the needs that are arising and to put ourselves at the service of society”.  

The first refugee from the war in Ukraine to arrive at UCAM, Yanina, has been collaborating with the University Platform for Peace since day one and now forms part of the expedition with which she hopes to “help as many Ukrainians as possible. We packed a lot of food and clothes. It was really moving to see everything that has been donated. Right now, I feel sad about what is happening, but also hope when I see how others are supporting the Ukrainian people”. 

More aid shipments to follow

The first shipment to Ukraine is being delivered in a trailer that has been filled thanks to the contributions of all the members of the academic community and numerous individuals, companies and institutions that have joined in. The collection of this aid is still underway, and another shipment will be sent next week. 

Through its website, the University Platform for Peace is channelling the wave of solidarity from university students in particular, and society in general. You can help by volunteering, providing services, accommodating refugees or making monetary contributions.