UCAM during summer: languages, volunteering, sports and entrepreneuring

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18 June 2019

Photo from last year’s summer activities


Every summer the Catholic University of San Antonio offers a wide variety of different activities in different areas such as language classes, sports, entrepreneuring, health, volunteering and christian evangelization. The summer activities take place between june and september, when the summer breaks for most students take place, and there are activities both in Spain as well as abroad.

Learning languages is one of the most demanded activities by the students. The people interested in learning a new language, could be doing so by taking an intensive course in English (there are intensive courses at UCAM and Ireland), or in other languages, such as French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Chinese, which have courses at Murcia Campus.

For those students looking forward to learning Spanish, they can participate in the “Spanish Summer Program”, where they will be learning this language while enjoying the touristic attractions and culture of the Region of Murcia.

It is to be noted, that the students, that speak Spanish, could take part in a course on entrepreneuring in a program called ‘Empresa, Empleo y Emprendimiento’, where new projects and initiatives are being supported.

Besides from the cultural and academic formation, UCAM also helps the students, that like helping people in need, which is done through collaborations between different charities of the Region, as well as international volunteering experiences in Peru and Argentina.