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UCAM Dental Cartagena initiates operations in one of the largest dental clinics in Spain

Located in the Alameda de San Antón and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, the specialists belonging to the teaching staff will train the students of the UCAM Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry in this dental clinic, which will be open to the general public. Furthermore, agreements will be reached to provide services to social organisations

UCAM Dental Cartagena initiates operations in one of the largest dental clinics in Spain
In one of the boxes of the UCAM Dental Cartagena, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Jerónimo Lajara, together with María Dolores García, UCAM president; Vicente Mendoza, general director; and Juan Carlos Pérez, medical director of the clinic

With an investment of more than 3 million euros and more than 2,000 m2 of floor space, UCAM Dental Cartagena has a clinical and surgical area with 26 boxes, with the possibility of expanding to 40, plus three reserved cabinets, all equipped with state-of-the-art oral and dental technology. It also has a laboratory, six classrooms, a meeting room, offices and a reception. In addition to its advanced technological equipment, it is worth highlighting the close and personalised service which is already offered there. The renowned professionals who make up the teaching staff are providing top quality care to patients, as well as excellent practical training to the future dentists studying at the UCAM campus in Cartagena. 

Treatments offered include pit and fissure sealants, topical fluoride therapy, whitening, dental fillings, cosmetic dentistry, periodontal treatments, surgery, extractions, endodoncy, pulp therapy for primary dentition, prostheses, sports dentistry, sleep dentistry, orthodontic treatment and implants. Its main diagnostic techniques are periapical radiography, CBCT, orthopantomography, teleradiology, intraoral camera, caries detector, transillumination and pulp vitality test. 

María Dolores García, president of UCAM, took a tour of the clinic on the open day held today to show the facilities, joined by Juan Carlos Pérez, medical director of the Centre; Josefina García, rector of the University; and other directors of the institution. At the end, the president said that this centre ‘is a very good contribution to Cartagena, not only from the oral health point of view, but also as a dynamiser for the whole area, thanks to the large number of international students that we have in this degree and who will get to know the city and will act as its ambassadors when they return to their home countries’. She added that ‘this centre is at the service of the people of Cartagena’, highlighting that the Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry is taught in bilingual mode, ‘which is a commitment to internationalisation, an added value of the Universidad Católica’. 


UCAM Dental Cartagena inicia su actividad como una de las clínicas odontológicas más grandes de España

In this sense, the rector of the University, Josefina García, recalled ‘the commitment of the UCAM founder, José Luis Mendoza, to Cartagena. ‘This is why the university continues to help turn Cartagena into a relevant university city, as it has all the conditions to be one’. She also stressed the specialisation of the Cartagena Campus in the fields of health, food and sports and ‘we will continue to grow in this line with other degrees in the near future’.   

The opening of this university dental clinic in Cartagena, a city in which UCAM offers its Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry in English (bilingual), represents a continuance of the University's efforts to offer the highest quality training in the area of health, for which it is internationally recognised. In addition, its opening will bring economic dynamism to the area, creating new jobs. 

Juan Carlos Pérez, medical director of the UCAM Dental Cartagena, stressed that ‘the facilities are amazing, equipped with the best means to provide the most diverse services’ and highlighted that in the UCAM Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry ‘innovative subjects are taught, such as Sports Dentistry, and others that we are going to incorporate, such as Sleep Dentistry’. 

Leader in dentistry  

UCAM opened its first university dental clinic in Murcia in 2018, becoming a benchmark in comprehensive dental training, offering its students an unbeatable setting where the latest technological advances and health research merge with the renowned professionals who make up its teaching staff. It also trains postgraduate students and students of the Higher Vocational Education in Oral Hygiene, which is offered by the San Antonio Vocational Education and Training Institute.  


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