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UCAM creates a University Platform for Peace

It will take in Ukrainian families, collect humanitarian supplies, set up a virtual first aid platform and coordinate the delivery of the full proceeds from next Wednesday's UCAM-Burgos (ACB) match. The project has been set up because of the conflict in Ukraine, but it will help those affected by any war.

José Luis Mendoza, President of UCAM, talking with Ukrainian UCAM student in the Campus de Los Jerónimos.
José Luis Mendoza, President of UCAM, talking with Ukrainian UCAM student in the Campus de Los Jerónimos.

"We are going to make UCAM's resources available to those affected by the war according to the needs that arise, while always collaborating with institutions and non-governmental organisations". With these words, José Luis Mendoza, president of the Universidad Católica de Murcia, defined the main objective of the University Platform for Peace, which was set up as a result of the war in Ukraine, but which aims to help those affected by any war in the world.

Pablo Blesa, Vice-Rector of Communication and International Relations at the UCAM, commented that the University Platform for Peace "is going to take its first steps by collaborating in three different ways: it will manage accommodation for the families of its students who travel from Ukraine to Spain, send humanitarian aid and set up a virtual platform to manage requests for supplies and food and provide information on vital issues such as first aid, psychological help or any need that arises in which teachers and researchers of the University can help".  

Baby food and medicines, essential needs

Alona Pryndylas is Ukrainian and works at UCAM. She is in constant contact with her relatives and said, "I am proud to see what my university and the people in Murcia are doing to help my country". She also mentioned that for anyone who wants to do their bit, "what is most needed are medicines and baby food". Yuliia Lisnychuk is a postgraduate student, and she is also trying to channel aid out of Murcia: "We are working with an association to see what the main needs are and to send everything that is required of us". At the same time, the students of the Psychology Degree at UCAM, to commemorate their patron saint (Saint Thomas Aquinas), are collecting clothes for the Ukrainian war refugees, as part of the solidarity initiatives they are carrying out.  

Through the Student Council of UCAM, the internal communication channels of the University and its social networks, means of contact and the way in which students and employees of UCAM, but also any other citizen, can collaborate with the different initiatives that are being put in place will be offered.  

UCAM Murcia CB's next match, to support those affected by the war

On Wednesday 9th March, UCAM Murcia CB will be playing a home game against Hereda San Pablo Burgos at the Palacio de los Deportes. The president of both the Club as well as the University, José Luis Mendoza, has decided that it will be a charity match. This means that the box office takings will go to the victims of the war in Ukraine, which will be managed by the Plataforma Universitaria por la Paz (University Platform for Peace). There will also be collection points at the entrances to the Palacio de Deportes to collect clothes and non-perishable food items so that fans can make donations.