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UCAM coordinates a CSR workshop organised by RFEF on the occasion of the Copa del Rey final

The workshop will hold place in Seville 24th and 25th of May with the goal of sustainable development, and human rights through sports as principal themes of the workshop

UCAM coordinates a CSR workshop organised by RFEF on the occasion of the Copa del Rey final
Poster of the workshop in Spanish.

Wed, 22/05/2019 - 10:19

On the occasion of the final of Copa del Rey as a backdrop, in Seville on the saturday 25th of May, the Royal Spanish Football Federation organises multiple workshops concerning strategic questions that especially concern the world of sports: Corporate Social Responsibility, medicine and the latest tendencies of the coaching profession.

Friday 24th, in workshops in the morning and evening, the I workshop RSFútbol in Cartuja Island will take place, which is coordinated by UCAM’s International Professorate of CSR. José Luis Mendoza García, director of Institutional Relations at the Catholic University, participates in the opening. On his part, Victor Messeguer, coordinator secretary of the CSR committee of RFEF and UCAM’s CSR professoriate director, presents an introductory presentation: ‘Social Responsibility, Social Development Goals and Football’.

Juan Carlos Luque, professor of sports coaching at RFEF; Juan Antonio Segura, director of CEPAIM Foundation; José Miguel Monde, president of the Football Federation of the Region of Murcia, and Ángeles Solanes, president for Elimination of Racial or Ethnic Discrimination from Spanish government, are among the participants in the workshop.

In the afternoon, a group dynamic is organised with all of the participants. In this dynamic, they will be doing a wall painting to represent the behavior that people should have to really live the authentic values of social responsibility.

Coaching workshops and medicine in football

Furthermore, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the Royal Andalusian Football Federation and University Centre San Isidoro, attached to the Pablo Olavide University, organise a Congress for Football Coaches. In this event, Aitor Karanka, Rafel Pol and Ramón Rodríguez ‘Monchi’ will present on the evening of 24th and Pep Alomar, Xesco Espar and Carlos Lalín together with Tomás Calero and José María Moya Morales will be presenting the saturday 25th in the morning.

Among the events happening around the final of the Copa del Rey, a colloquium table on football medicine will take place, with the title ‘Football and Medicine ¿What’s new?’. In this workshop, which will be held in Antonio Machado hall, in Caja Sol Foundation’s space, at 12 the saturday 25th, themes such as handling of muscular injuries and their prevention, cerebral concussion, particularities of female football players, former cruciate ligament injury in football, biomechanics and the monitoring of injured players, football player foot and other themes will be handled. These themes rise a lot of interest, both among the doctors working in the player environment, as well as among the players and coaches.

The workshop will have experts on the theme, such as Dr. Pedro Guillén, medical director of the Cemtro Clinic (Medical Centre of Excellence FIFA) and the honorary dean of the Bachelor’s in Medicine at UCAM; Dr. Pedro Ripoll, medical director of the Ripoll Sport Clinic and Prado, Medical Centre of Excellence FIFA; Dr. Ramón Cugart, traumatologist, Teknon Clinic and Catalonian Football Federation; Dr. Niko Mihic, head of medical service at Real Madrid; Dr. José María Villalón, head of medical services at Club Atlético de Madrid; Dr. Tomás Calero, medical director of Real Betis Balompié; and Dr. Helena Herrero, head of medical services of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.