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UCAM commemorates World Dietitian-Nutritionist Day

Students and teachers of the UCAM FP Vocational Education and Training Cycle in Dietetics

have held a series of workshops and activities focused on healthy habits and proper nutrition

at the Campus de Los Jerónimos this morning, on the occasion of the World Dietitian-

Nutritionist Day
. Participants have learned how to shop healthily, know their anthropometric

measurements and discover the composition of various foods in relation to their gluten

content, vitamin C percentage and pH levels.

The importance of the dietician-nutritionist is becoming more and more relevant. There is a

lot of information on social media regarding this field which is not entirely correct. For this

reason, it is essential to have a scientific basis, which is what these professionals offer,’

emphasised Marta Rodríguez, coordinator of the Higher Vocational Education and Training

Cycle in Dietetics.

For the Universidad Católica de Murcia, the food sector is key, promoting it both in the field of

training and research
. UCAM offers university degrees, master's degrees and higher vocational

education and training courses related to this area and develops several projects in its high-

tech incubator 'UCAM HiTech'.