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UCAM is bringing war refugees from Ukraine to Murcia

UCAM is picking them up in Poland, where it is also unloading its first trailer with humanitarian aid

UCAM is picking them up in Poland, where it is also unloading its first trailer with humanitarian aid
One refugee family getts on the bus of the University which will bring them to Murcia from Krakow

The Polish city of Krakow, just 300 kilometres from the Ukrainian border, is where UCAM's University Platform for Peace has located its meeting point with the war refugee families it is going to assist and bring to the Region of Murcia. They will have to travel the nearly 3,000 kilometres to reach the expedition's starting point, the Los Jerónimos Campus, the main campus of the Universidad Católica de Murcia. Most of the refugees are women with their children, who are fleeing the war and who have had to leave their homes with nothing but their clothes and a few suitcases with hardly any clothes or personal belongings.

Yanina Amelchyts, a Ukrainian ex-student of UCAM and a volunteer of the Platform, is working to welcome her compatriots, to inform them about the humanitarian mission of the Universidad Católica and to make them feel welcome and assisted. For María Mendoza, head of the expedition, "everything is very emotional, and the families are very grateful to see that we are doing everything in our power to help them".

UCAM's work in this expedition is twofold, as the humanitarian aid sent from the Los Jerónimos Campus will also be delivered tomorrow. The trailer, loaded with donations from the academic community, individuals, institutions and companies, will arrive at the University of Katowice, which is collaborating with UCAM to channel all the aid so that it reaches the places where it is most needed.

A second shipment of aid, next week

The University Platform for Peace continues to appeal to the entire academic community to continue providing non-perishable food items, nappies and cleaning and hygiene products, as a new shipment will leave next week to meet the continuing demand for supplies.

Through its website (, the Platform encourages all those who wish to collaborate to do so, through volunteering, providing services, accommodation for refugees or monetary contributions (Bizum: 05056). Enquiries can also be sent to the following email address: