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UCAM and the Veterinary Professional Association Will Promote Pre-Registration

In addition to other training activities.

Signing of the agreement UCAM - Illustrious College of Veterinarians
Signing of the agreement UCAM - Illustrious College of Veterinarians

The Universidad Católica de Murcia and the Official Professional Association of Veterinarians of the Region of Murcia have signed a collaboration agreement to strengthen their alliance. The two institutions will promote the pre-registration of students at the UCAM and will collaborate in the development of training activities. 

Teresa López, President of the Veterinary Professional Association, and María de los Llanos Martínez, Vice-Dean of the UCAM Veterinary Degree, met to discuss future projects. ‘We have a good relationship. Collaboration will be in both ways, whenever we need it, since, in short, we want to work together for the benefit of the profession,’ explained Teresa López. For her part, the Vice-Dean of the UCAM Veterinary Degree highlighted the importance of ‘students knowing why they have a Professional Association from the very beginning, as, at the end of the day, it is an institution dedicated above all to supporting and supervising the professional practice of veterinarians, so that they have a reference point in the institution when they finish their degrees’.