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UCAM and Twitch join forces to strengthen the presence of 'eSports' in the University

Mark Candella, Twitch Strategic Alliances director, highlights that the Catholic University "is aware that electronic sports can generate opportunities for its students"

UCAM and Twitch join forces to strengthen the presence of 'eSports' in the University
José Parrilla, coordinator of the GGTech projects, José Luis Mendoza, president of UCAM, and Mark Candella, director of Estrategic Alliances of Twitch.

Mon, 18/02/2019 - 10:01

“Students have surprised us with their ability to challenge themselves, competing at the highest level and building vibrant communities on campuses around the World. With the 'Twitch Student' Program we offer the means to represent your university in Twitch and acquire skills and experience for your future in electronic sports": these are the main lines of the Twitch video platform project for the field of education and 'eSports'.

José Luis Mendoza, president of the UCAM; Mark Candella, Twitch director of Strategic Alliances, and José Parrilla, GGTech project coordinator, have signed a three-party agreement that represents a great growth opportunity for the UCAM International Chair of 'eSports'.

Marc Candella has highlighted the global work that the Catholic University is doing in electronic sports: "I think the UCAM is aware that 'eSports' can generate opportunities for their students, because it is a growing industry. I hope it serves as an inspiration for the rest of the Spanish universities". "The 'eSports' are not just video games. We are talking about new media, digital media and entertainment. Young people are learning valuable skills thanks to electronic sports. These skills have a real reflection that can be applied in companies", highlighted Candella.

"Twitch is one of the most recognized brands in 'eSports' world. One of the fields that they are exploring is the world of education. Many possibilities arise because of this new technology, it will have a positive impact on the educational process of our students" said Pau Guardiola, responsible for the Creative Area of the UCAM.