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Touching procession of the University Christ of Health at UCAM with the Parachute Brigade

The tribute to the Fallen and to José Luis Mendoza, founder of Universidad Católica de Murcia, was the highlight of the day.

Touching procession of the University Christ of Health at UCAM with the Parachute Brigade
Procession of the University Christ of Health at the Los Jerónimos Campus

The sound of drums and bugles, seclusion and prayer flooded the Campus de Los Jerónimos this morning along the route of the Solemn Procession with the University Christ of Health, carried by members of the Infantry Regiment 'Zaragoza nº 5' of Parachutists and joined by managers, workers and students of UCAM. The procession was led by María Dolores García, president of the University, and the chief colonel of the Regiment, Guillermo García Ferrer. This procession has now become an established part of the University's calendar of events in preparation for the arrival of the Holy Week.

The sculpture left the temple of the Monastery of Los Jerónimos on a sunny morning through its main door. During the procession, attendees were able to listen to different musical pieces, as well as the Parachute Oath. But one of the most touching moments took place in front of the image of Saint Anthony, patron saint of UCAM, and of Virgin Mary, before which a wreath was laid in memory of the Fallen for Spain and of José Luis Mendoza, UCAM founder, who died on 18 January. The chords and singing of 'Death is not the end' broke the silence and overwhelmed the audience with emotion.

Close collaboration between the BRIPAC Zaragoza 5 and UCAM

The procession ended inside the Temple, where the members of the BRIPAC Zaragoza 5 presented the University Christ of Health to the chapel where José Luis Mendoza rests, in an extremely moving instant. At the end of the ceremony, María Dolores García dedicated a few words to those present, recalling that the founder of UCAM ‘lived these moments with great passion’ and reminded them that, on the eve of Holy Week 'it is important to remember that Christ carried the Cross for all of us'.

For his part, Colonel García Ferrer thanked UCAM for the collaboration they have always enjoyed and commented that he hopes this procession will be repeated for many years to come, consolidating this relationship.