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Tolerance and peace studies are promoted by an agreement between FICRT and UCAM

Tolerance and peace studies are promoted by an agreement between FICRT and UCAM
José Luis Mendoza García and S.E. Ahmed Al Jarwan signed the agreement at FICRT’s head office in Madrid

S.E. Ahmed Al Jarwan, president of the Foundation for Islamic Culture and Religious Tolerance and of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, and José Luis Mendoza García, UCAM Director of Institutional Relations, have signed an agreement underlining this Foundation’s support to the Master’s Degree in Tolerance and Global Peace Studies developed by the UCAM. Thanks to this cooperation, FICRT will give out several scholarships for this postgraduate programme which will be available both onsite – in English, on UCAM’s campus in Murcia– and online – in Spanish, especially designed for Latin American students.  

It is one of the first projects of the Foundation under its new president, S. E. Ahmed Al Jarwan, which aims at ‘spreading the culture of tolerance and peace’ and at ‘working together to teach the values to the newer generations, spreading it to Europe and Latin America’.

Likewise, the president highlighted that this organisation commits to promoting human fraternity values: ‘achieving coexistence and peace worldwide is the aim of our Foundation, which is committed to its role as a cultural institution, following the content of the Document on Human Fraternity for world peace and coexistence, supporting scientific research related to our goals and seeking to spread its message’. 

With regards to this cooperation, José Luis Mendoza García pointed out that ‘not everybody focusses, both academically and internationally, on peace and tolerance, due to the existence of many conflicts of interest around the world’. However, ‘it is part of our mission, as a catholic university, to support, foster and promote this peace-based culture’.