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Successful participation at the UCAM Science Olympiads

At this edition, students participated in ten disciplines: Architecture and Building Engineering, Sports, Nursing, Civil Engineering, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Computer Engineering, Nutrition, Gastronomy and Biotechnology, the latter two for the first time.

Students from different schools in the region who participated in the UCAM Science Olympiads.
Students from different schools in the region who participated in the UCAM Science Olympiads.

Nearly 300 high school and higher vocational training students from different schools in the region are taking part in the Science Olympiads organised by the UCAM vice-rectorate for Research, co-financed by the Seneca Foundation, and which were held this morning at the Los Jerónimos Campus, and on 15 March at the Campus in Cartagena. The inauguration was attended by Estrella Núñez, Vice-Rector of Research at the University, and Isabel Forte, CARM Director General for Universities and Research.

The winners, who will be announced soon, will receive 100% of the registration fee for the first academic year in case of the first prize60% of said fee for those in second place and 40% for those in third, as well as other gifts such as tablets, smartwatches and headphones, as well as subscriptions to specialised academic repositories in each field.  

 Una de las pruebas celebrada en un laboratorio del Campus de Los Jerónimos.

‘I would like to highlight that we have included Gastronomy and Biotechnology Olympiads, which have been designed at UCAM HiTech, for the first time. With this type of event, apart from bringing students closer to the academic world, we try to awaken scientific vocations and promote the spirit of work and healthy competition to achieve great goals’, said Estrella Núñez, UCAM vice-rector of Research. For her part, Isabel Fortea, CARM director general of Universities and Research, highlighted the excellent response to the event and the fact that it promotes scientific vocation.