Students from the German university FOM initiate their studies at UCAM

The Catholic University of Murcia has taken upon a group of students from the german institution FOM, in the opening of the VII edition of the International Business Certificate title

25 February 2019

Students from FOM during the presentation


Last week started up the 7th edition of the International Business Certificate title carried out by UCAM together with the German university FOM. It is the 5th most important university in Germany with 50.000 students and 40 campuses around the country, training people for the business world to fulfill different positions in companies.

Pablo Blesa, Vice-Rectorate of International Relations in the Catholic University affirms that, “for us it’s important to work together with them, because there are and have been thousands of students in this program since the first edition seven years ago, and we are pleased to continue with it”.

The students come from different locations from Germany, and they are going to be trained at the UCAM during a semester. The students will be doing a serie of courses with international professors in english. Meanwhile, some of the students will be starting to learn Spanish in the “Escuela Superior de Idioma” (UCAM language school), with the aim of internationalisation of their curriculums in the field of business.

Gonzalo Wandosell, the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Legal Sciences explains that, “the International Business Certificate contains courses from the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the FOM University in Germany, provided at UCAM with professors from both of the universities”.