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The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Qatar becomes a new strategic ally of UCAM

Both institutions have signed a collaboration agreement establishing joint action lines in training, research and the development of initiatives in the field of internationalisation 

The Catholic University continues its expansion on the Asian continent.
The Catholic University continues its expansion on the Asian continent.

The promotion of training projects, the development of scientific activity, the stimulation of economic growth and the expansion of the business network are the objectives shared by UCAM and the Chamber of Commerce in Qatar. As such, they have been incorporated into an agreement between the two entities.  

‘I believe that this agreement perfectly defines UCAM with regards to its educational, research, international and service vocation, in this case, for Spanish companies operating in Qatar’, explains Marco Bruno, director of International Development at the University. Furthermore, ‘for many years now, UCAM has been providing in-company training, especially in the field of languages, but also through tailor-made courses, as well as by offering highly specialised and up-to-date postgraduate studies’.

The agreement will result in the implementation of training actions, related to students’ internships, research projects and the design and organisation of seminars, conferences or seminars that contribute to the dissemination and social awareness regarding the role of companies and entrepreneurs in today's society, especially among recently graduated UCAM students.