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Solidarity with the inhabitants of Javalí Viejo

Today around 100 UCAM volunteers have helped those affected by the intense rainstorm which hit the Murcian district last Sunday night.

Around 100 volunteers coordinated by the Volunteer Service of Universidad Católica de Murcia and its Student Council are cooperating this morning and will continue to do so this afternoon, helping with the cleaning of houses damaged by the intense rainstorm which hit Javalí Viejo in the early hours of Sunday morning, and which forced the inhabitants to leave them. In that village, Bachelor's Degree students, students from theSan Antonio vocational education and training centre and university graduates, coordinated by the district mayor, are clearing mud, cleaning damaged belongings and removing water from inside the houses.

The student of the Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, José María Jurado, highlighted the relevance of this type of actions "helping those in need is essential for a Catholic University", he said. Jorge Martínez, a law student, also took part in the volunteering activity. "We, the youngsters, are the ones who have time to spare, he stated. We are divided in groups by areas, and we have helped with the houses. It is  always good to be able help those in need out, in this case, the inhabitants of Javalí". Locals are affected both emotionally and materially by the scale of the events in this small Murcian district where everyone knows each other and is supporting each other at this difficult time. They are asking for basic necessities and for containers in which to deposit everything they are cleaning.