The secretary of the Vatican State receives president of UCAM in a private hearing

José Luis Mendoza presented to the state the projects UCAM is doing together with the Holy See

07 May 2019

Javier Belda, monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, José Luis Mendoza and the Cardinal Parolin during the visit


A delegation from UCAM, lead by the president, José Luis Mendoza, together with the president of Academia de la Vida (Life Academy) and the great chancellor of the Juan Pablo II Institute, monsignor Vincenzo Paglia, attended when to His Eminence, the Cardinal Parolin, was presented the situation of the different projects that the Catholic University of Murcia is completing with collaboration of Holy See, especially the ones destined to international preaching of the Gospel of the Family of Pope Francis, which were blessed last September by His Holiness.

Monsignor Parolin showed his satisfaction with the labor that UCAM is doing until now with the initiatives. Many of these initiatives, such as the International Observatory on Family, academic education in poor countries, or the digital library Amoris Laetitia, have already become reality.

Furthermore, as something new, the Catholic University of Murcia has presented an educational plan together with the INCYDE Foundation to favor the family entrepreneurship and employment in underprivileged countries. More concretely, the project, in communion with the pontific doctrine that seeks to protect the concept of family, pursues to give the necessary resources to the institution for it to become a tool in soothing poverty of many countries, making family businesses a critical resource for the development of these areas. The two chosen location to start this project are Kenya and Benin.

It’s to be remembered that in these countries, the Catholic University is already working through the Pontifical Institute Juan Pablo II in education, at ecclesiastic level and at civil level. In fact, there are projects starting also in different locations: from India to the american continent, such as Argentine, Chile or Mexico.

Lastly, in collaboration with Academia de la Vida (Life Academy), there was discussion over bases of a project that would achieve profundizacion of ethical aspects in technical development, through the new international foundation on Ethics and Technology.