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The results of the Resident Medical Intern exams (MIR) place UCAM among the best faculties in Spain

This second graduation class was able to outdo last year’s result, which was 97.5%. Furthermore, the excellent marks grant to the majority of them the possibility to choose their specialisation and destination

The results of the Resident Medical Intern exams (MIR) place UCAM among the best faculties in Spain
UCAM Students during their practicals at the hospital

The first two classes of the Degree in Medicine of UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia obtained excellent marks in the MIR exams, reaching around 100% of passing students. Specifically, this year 97,5% students passed the exam, outdoing last year’s result, of 96%; furthermore, due to the marks obtained, the majority of them will be able to choose their specialisation and destination. In total, they have been 14. 945 persons all over Spain took the exam for 7.512 offered posts.

These outcomes are the result of the work of students and of the facilities and cutting-edge technologies that UCAM makes available for its students of Medicine. In this sense, the most outstanding things are the clinical simulation on screen for the training of anatomic structures and of clinical reasoning, the high-fidelity tasks and patient simulators that are used to assimilate routines in a practical way and to successfully resolve both frequent and complex and unusual cases.

Likewise, a key factor is the training of the faculty, composed of committed and reference persons in their area of specialisation, as well as the close collaboration that UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia develops with hospitals, where the future doctors carry out their clinical practices.

The graduates said that “we are very happy with the results; many of us are among the first thousand, and a lot us will be able to choose the specialisation we want”.

Jerónimo Lajara, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of UCAM stated that “we are very satisfied with the results of this second graduation class, which are even better than last year's, which ratifies the wise decision of our president, José Luis Mendoza, to introduce Medicine in our university”. He also highlighted that “the high level of passing students and the excellent marks obtained highlight the excellent quality of the training offered in our university and, therefore, the high qualification of the professionals that we are putting to the service of society”.

Both the high-quality of training and the facilities where it is carried out made the excellent performance of the interns that are currently developing the MIR in hospital centres possible.


UCAM graduates who passed the MIR in the previous edition mainly chose the specialisations in Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, Family, Anaesthesiology and Allergology.