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Presentation of the campaign “Por una España con valores” (For a Spain with values)

The presidents of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco, and of UCAM, José Luis Mendoza, accompanied by the Olympic medallists Lydia Valentín and Saúl Craviotto, presented the video of the campaign “Por una España con valores” (For a Spain with values). The event was also attended by the Secretary General of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Victoria Cabezas, the Vice President, Francisco Blázquez, and twelve other athletes: Fernando Carro, Sandra Sánchez, Francisco Cubelos, David Cal, Damián Quintero, Niko Shera, Miguel Ángel López, Cristian Toro, Eva Calvo, María Pérez, Artemi Gavezou and Pablo Abián

Presentation of the campaign “Por una España con valores” (For a Spain with values)
The Goyeneche auditorium of the Spanish Olympic Committee has experienced today, July 7, the first face-to-face act after lock-down to fight COVID-19.

The Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) and UCAM created the campaign to send a message to society. The aim of the video, whose protagonists are the athletes, is to show that, in these difficult times we are living, we will be able to overcome this crisis together and with responsibility. And that sport values can be transmitted to society.

The president Alejandro Blanco encouraged the athletes “to keep working to demonstrate all the potential of our country in the sports field and with regard to values. All together we represent the best country in the world, Spain. Let us never forget it”.

José Luis Mendoza wanted to “keep in mind the thousands of people who lost their lives in this pandemic and honour those who risked their lives for others”. Furthermore, he added that athletes “are called to be a model of social integration for the values that Olympic sport represents”.

After showing the video to those who attended, Saúl Craviotto said that “in the face of adversities, we have the opportunity to fight, to improve ourselves and be a better version of ourselves. And the best way to do so is by working, working and working. By working as a team, together and with solidarity, we can fight against anything a lot better”.

Lydia Valentín added that “the option of giving up does not exist, under no circumstances. We must set goals, fight and work, knowing that things do not always turn out the way we want”.

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