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Postgraduate Courses for Broad Specialisation

UCAM offers a wide range of official master's degrees and UCAM-specific degrees covering all fields of knowledge.

Postgraduate Courses for Broad Specialisation
UCAM students in a laboratory at the Los Jerónimos Campus

With the aim of offering specialised training, the Universidad Católica de Murcia offers a wide range of high-quality postgraduate courses which make it possible to reach the demands of the labour market, which calls for specialised professionals with a comprehensive training, a great added value in the search for employment or professional promotion. 

The courses are aimed at both recent graduates, allowing them to continue their training and improve their CV, as well as at working professionals who need to update their knowledge and acquire new skills. 

Those interested in studying postgraduate courses will find a wide range of possibilities in different areas of knowledge at UCAM. These studies are taught in person, blended-learning and online modalities. All courses are characterised by their flexibility, making it possible to combine them with other work and family activities. 

Studies in English 

Studies taught in English are an essential factor in today's globalised world, where companies demand professionals who master a second language. UCAM is one of the Spanish universities which offers the largest number of studies in English and the one which offers the most studies in this language in the Region of Murcia. In the case of postgraduate courses, ten degrees are offered in this language. 

The teaching staff is made up of renowned active professionals closely related to the profession, which allows for the subjects to be developed in a highly practical manner. In addition, student's learning is reinforced by the use of state-of-the-art facilities and technological equipment. 

Educational quality 

The university teaches its degrees in small groups, with tutor support (academic and personal), research, curricula adapted to the demands of the sector, sports support from the grassroots level and training in values in the light of Christian humanism. Its educational model has been recognised in national and international rankings, as well as by the IUNE Observatory and CYD, which highlight its low drop-out rate and the high employability of its students, due to its close relationship with the business world, which is a key factor.