Poland, Holland and the United Kingdom, some of the UCAM students most popular destinations for ERASMUS

The selected UCAM students for the mobility program this year assisted in the first informative reunion prior the program, to be completed during the academic year 2019-2020 in the 108 partner universities

26 February 2019

Some of the students at the reunion ERASMUS


Italy, Poland, Portugal, Holland, Ireland and United Kingdom are some of the most popular destinations, among the other destinations, to name a few, Norway, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Finland and Austria. There are more than 108 partner universities in Europe, where the students from the Catholic University of Murcia will be completing the ERASMUS 2019-2020 mobility program. About 400 students from UCAM have applied to the program to be able to stay for a period of time abroad.

The students reunited in the ‘Salón de Actos’ in the Los Jerónimos Campus, where they were informed for the first time about the mobility program. The information diffused concerned various themes, such as accommodation, grants, tutors, study programs, dates, and other aspects; logistics, formative ones and linguistic ones. This information is to help the students prepare for the study abroad. At the same time, the UCAM Language School ESI informed over the language courses available, as there are intensive courses that can help the students prepare for their exchange.

ERASMUS is one of the five international mobility programs offered by UCAM. The others are SICUE, ERASMUS Internship, Overseas, Iberoamérica and the summer linguistic formation programs.

Pablo Blesa, Vice-Rectorate of International Relations and Communication from UCAM highlighted the good reception of these mobility programs. “We are proud to have students that are so alert, such travelers, and concerned about making their Curriculums more international, to open roads and opportunities for themselves”, he concluded.