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New class of Westford University- UCAM students in Dubai

This is the fifth class of students who are enrolled in UCAM-accredited MBA, Executive MBA, Philosophy in Business Administration, and DBA master's programs.

New class of Westford University- UCAM students in Dubai
Celebration of the new graduating class of Westford University-UCAM students in Dubai

Nearly 200 students graduated from the postgraduate programmes offered by Westford University College in collaboration with UCAM in Dubai last week. This is the fifth class of students to be trained in the MBA, Executive MBA, Philosophy in Business Administration and DBA master's degrees, accredited by UCAM. The touching ceremony was attended by José Luis Mendoza, General Director of Institutional Relations; Samuel Mendoza, General Director of Infrastructure and Digital Development; Gonzalo Wandosell, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business; and Ernesto García, Deputy Director of Institutional Partners, on behalf of UCAM.

UCAM has been accrediting postgraduate programmes of the Westford Education Group, a group of colleges and higher education institutions based in the United Arab Emirates, whose programmes train executives and middle managers from the Middle East and Africa.

UCAM Español Institute Dubai 

The Universidad Católica de Murcia, through its School of Languages, has the UCAM Español Institute in Dubai since 2014, which disseminates Spanish language and culture by means of different courses and activities. It is the only centre accredited by Instituto Cervantes in the Persian Gulf, as well as being a DELE Examination Centre, where people who want to obtain an official Instituto Cervantes diploma at their level can do so. The Institute is also present at schools, in ‘Spanish as a mother tongue’ programmes, ‘Spanish as a foreign language’ programmes and educational consulting. This way, UCAM is the reference for Spanish and Latin language and culture in Dubai.