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Ireland, Poland and Italy, favourite destinations for UCAM Erasmus students

Thousands of UCAM students apply for one of the seven international mobility programmes offered by the University

Ireland, Poland and Italy, favourite destinations for UCAM Erasmus students
Meeting in the auditorium with some of the UCAM students who will carry out one of the international mobility programs in the next course

“Our goal is to exceed 500 mobility applications of UCAM students to study abroad. Last year we managed to get 400 students to go study at 200 universities around the world and more than 600 international students got to know UCAM through mobility programmes”, said Pablo Blesa, vice-chancellor of International Relations and Communication at UCAM, who met this morning with a group of students who have applied for the Erasmus studying abroad or Erasmus traineeship mobility programmes for the next academic year 2020/21.

The International Relations Office (ORI) offers 7 mobility programmes, being the Erasmus programme the most requested one.

The most requested destinations are the English-speaking countries, Great Britain and Ireland, followed by those where training is offered in English, such as Holland and Finland. Thirdly, Italy is a very popular destination for UCAM students, and fourthly, Portugal is a very attractive destination.

The bachelor's degrees in the area of Communication, such as Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Marketing, as well as those in Sports Science and Nursing, are those that usually have the highest number of students applying for mobility.

Students wait impatiently for their international tutors to publish the list of students selected to get the scholarship based on the language exams they took according to the requested country. “It is a very exciting moment. Students live with much uncertainty the dates before the publication of the lists of selected students”, affirms Pablo Blesa.

It should be added that in addition to the international programmes, UCAM also makes available to students the SICUE national mobility programme, which offers students the possibility of staying in different Spanish universities.