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Íñigo Peña and Antía Jácome, gold and silver medals in Duisburg

The UCAM paddlers reached the world podium and secured two new Olympic places together with their teammates Pedro Vázquez and María Corbera.

Íñigo Peña and Antía Jácome, gold and silver medals in Duisburg
Iíñigo Peña and Pedro Vázquez, gold in K2 1.000 metres (Photo: RFEP)

Another great day for the UCAM canoeists who are part of the Spanish team at the World Championships held in Duisburg (Germany). Íñigo Peña (gold) and Antía Jácome (silver) enlarged the Spanish track record and confirmed the good vibes they had already shown during the competition.

UCAM paddler Íñigo Peña and his teammate Pedro Vázquez completed an incredible final in K2 1,000 metres. The Hungarian pair started very strongly but the Spaniards were able to hold their nerve, withstand the attack and fight back at the right moment, which led to the victory after their impressive final 200 metres.

The women's C2 500 race was just the opposite. The paddler Antía Jácome, who belongs to the UCAM Murcia canoeing club, won her third silver medal in this World Championship, the second one with her teammate María Corbera. The Spanish duo started very strongly, but the Chinese waited for their chance to come back in the final stretch and take the gold medal. In the end, Antía and María held on long enough to retain silver against the Canadians, who finished in third place. A medal and another Olympic place for Antía Jácome.

In the men's K1 1,000 final, Paco Cubelos, from Talavera, and student of the UCAM Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, finished seventh in the final and his qualification for the Olympic Games is pending.