High technology incubators from UCAM and Fuenlabrada Hospital will collaborate in immunotherapy and regenerative medicine

The first projects, on pancreatic cancer and immunotherapy, will be developed with the group of Dr. Manuel Hidalgo

29 April 2019

José Luis Mendoza and Carlos Mur during the signing of the agreement


The Catholic University of San Antonio of Murcia, and the Fuenlabrada University Hospital, recently named ‘the best hospital’ in Spain, according to the ‘Best in Class’ awards, signed an agreement of collaboration which allows the High-Tech Incubators from both institutes to develop disruptive projects. These projects will contribute to giving a step forward in important translational investigations so that new therapy methods, such as genetic therapy or immunotherapy, get to the patients.

The agreement, initialled by José Luis Mendoza, president of UCAM, and Dr. Carlos Mur, general manager of the University Hospital Fuenlabrada, has as a goal to initiate collaborations of professors and research. During the signing, the general manager of the Madrid hospital, highlighted the importance of this agreement where two ambitious projects from the health sector get united. "From the institutions, we don’t only generate knowledge directes to the professoriate, but our results from our research also transfers quickly to the citizen, as there are patients who need new therapies that are not available to all, but could probably be of benefit”. Furthermore, the doctor advanced that the first UCAM groups will work with Dr. Manuel Hidalgo in translational investigation on pancreatic cancer and immunotherapy.

Estrella Nuñez, Vice-rectorate of Research at UCAM, has highlighted that “for us it’s very important to collaborate with health centers, such as University Hospital Fuenlabrada, that allows us to translate the basic research to the clinic. Furthermore, this agreement is signed at a very appropriate time, as the Hospital is already experienced in developing their bioincubator, and we are starting to create ours in the areas of health, sports and nutrition, and therefore, the total of these ecosystems of innovation will allow to bring science to the market”.

During the signment, managed by OTRI, the Translation of Research Results Office, present were Estrella Nuñez, Vice-rectorate of Investigation UCAM; Ángel Pueyo, Director of Investigation, Quality and Professiorate at the University Hospital Fuenlabrada; AlbertoTomé, manager of the Madrid Foundation for Sports; Alfonso Beltrán, general director of FIPSE and director of Innovation at ISCIII; Juan Carlos de Gregorio, president of the CRES clinic and José Antonio Visedo, Economic-Financial Director of the Fuenlabrada University Hospital.