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High employability rate for graduates from the UCAM Polytechnic School

The institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that provide the highest competences in the field of engineering.

Students are in direct contact with the profession.
Students are in direct contact with the profession.

One of the aspects for which UCAM stands out is for offering an applied teaching methodology, which responds to the needs demanded by the professional sectors.

As a result of this university-business relationship, and of the excellence of UCAM's educational model, recognised by prestigious international rankings, 83.6% of its graduates between 2020 and 2022 have found a job during the first year after completing their studies –according to the advance of the report on labour market insertion carried out by the University's Occupational Observatory. This percentage is even exceeded by the students of its Polytechnic School, since in the majority of degrees it reaches 100%.

UCAM students are trained in small groups, with tutorial support (academic and personal)combining theory and practice, either in the University's own facilities or externally in companies or institutions. Furthermore, the teaching staff combines teaching with professional practice, offering continuous training innovation that makes its students very competitive.

Building Engineering

Students of the Degree in Building Services Engineering (Technical Architect) are involved with their profession and the development of the sector, as reflected in the proposal ‘Human and Machine. The incorporation of exoskeletons in construction', by the student Carlos Carrasco, which has recently been awarded as best Innovative Idea in Building by the Colegio Oficial de Aparejadores, Arquitectos Técnicos e Ingenieros de Edificación (Official Professional Association of Technical Architects and Building Services Engineers) and the Centro Tecnológico de la Construcción de la Región de Murcia (Technological Building Centre of the Region of Murcia). This degree offers access to a wide range of job opportunities, both as a self-employed professional as well as by participating in the specialised work teams of companies related to the field.


Principles of Architecture

This degree replaced the Bachelor's Degree in Architecture after its syllabus was updated. It is a practical degree, which has been registered as a professional qualification in the European Union. The degree incorporates two specialisations linked to professional competences: Architectural BIM, and Architectural Heritage and Sustainability.


Civil Engineering

These professionals design, develop, test and supervise the manufacture of millions of products and services used on a daily basis (in the construction of roads, bridges, ports, railways, housing estates, water supply, wastewater treatment plants, etc.) Its syllabus includes the possibility of further training through the Bachelor's Degree in Building Services Engineering. In addition, this degree qualifies students for the profession of Ingeniero Técnico de Obras Públicas (Technical Engineer in Public Civil Engineering Projects).

Postgraduate degrees that enable students to exercise the profession

In order to be able to exercise certain professions, specific training is required that goes beyond the degree itself. These are qualifying master's degrees. In the field of engineering, UCAM teaches: 

Master's Degree in Architecture. The Bachelor's Degree in Principles of Architecture provides access to this postgraduate course, which grants the qualifications to practise the profession of architect. 

- Master's Degree in Civil Engineering. The Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering provides direct access to this degree, which allows students to attain the highest competences in this field of engineering.