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An estimated 25,000 children in the region are thought to have undetected advanced abilities

The universidad Católica de Murcia, together with the Murcian Association of Advanced Abilities, held a conference to identify and support these people

An estimated 25,000 children in the region are thought to have undetected advanced abilities
Photo of the inauguration of the II UCAM-aMuACI conference

‘The Regional Ministry of Education of the Region of Murcia detected 3,000 students with advanced abilities. The statistics say that 10% of the world's population has this talent, so it is estimated that there are about 30,000 students who have them. Therefore, most of them have not yet been identified,’ said Juan José Ruiz, president of aMuACI, at the conference organised by the Faculty of Education of UCAM and the Murcian Association of Advanced Abilities, which was inaugurated by the rector of Universidad Católica, Josefina García.  

The event brought experts in the field, teachers, counsellors, psychologists and psychopedagogues to the Los Jerónimos Campus, as well as students with these abilities, who explained how children with these special characteristics sometimes suffer adaptation problems in different areas which are not designed for them. Juan José Ruiz explained that ‘our aim is to identify them and to take care of them both inside and outside the school’. On the other hand, the role of paediatric health teams in the diagnosis and treatment of these children has been highlighted. They screen children during their check-ups, informing the school's Counselling Department when they are

detected so that they can be assessed.

In this regard, Juana Mulero, dean of the Faculty of Education at UCAM, recalled that the Universidad Católica de Murcia has been collaborating for years with aMuACI, since ‘our students who are going to work in teaching are taught the methodologies and how to face educational activities, to appropriately deal with students with these special needs’. 

The universidad Católica is also developing the pioneering UCAM Talent Lab programme, where specific training is given to secondary and high school students with advanced abilities of double exceptionality and talent development, from the educational centres belonging to the Alma Mater Foundation.  

Likewise, aMuACI has positively valued the work of UCAM, which offers all its students a training based on personalised attention, helping and guiding them, which is vital for these people.