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DJI experts to provide training at the UCAM Drone Hub

The aim is for UCAM professors to learn about the available drones and to be able to apply drone technology in their work and classes.

UCAM employees learn how to fly drones at the UCAM Drone Hub
UCAM employees learn how to fly drones at the UCAM Drone Hub

Over forty professors and UCAM staff took part in an intensive training on drone technology at the UCAM Drone Hub, given by experts from DJI – the world's largest manufacturer of unmanned vehicles, last week. The event combined theory and practice, and aimed to introduce participants to the drones and the resources available at the centre.

During the theoretical session, participants learned about the latest innovations in drone technology, as well as their application in different academic disciplines. The practical session allowed participants to experience the handling of the drones first-hand and to learn about the technical capabilities of the different models.

The UCAM Drone Hub, the result of the strategic alliance between UCAM and DJI, is positioned as a benchmark in the integration of drones in higher education. The aim of this training is for professors to integrate drone technology into their work and classes, providing students with more dynamic and innovative educational experiences

‘The objective is that professors become familiar with the available drones and can apply this technology in their work and classes, introducing imaginative and attractive experiences for students,’ said Pau Guardiola, UI/UX director of the UCAM Multimedia Department. 
UCAM keeps working to integrate this technology in all training areas, thereby strengthening its commitment to innovation and technological development